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Research Programs

With the vision of building a community where next generation of researchers are fostered

Past Research Programs

Falcon Academy of Sciences offers its flagship research program in summer and winter.



4 Facts we believe

1. Bangladeshi students are awesome

Bangladeshi teenagers have always proved themselves by doing amazing things: from winning IMO Gold Medals to becoming FIDE master at the age of 10- we have a lot. Falcon Academy of Sciences wants to provide STEM enthusiasts a highly organized system to succeed in completing complex real life research works, starting from as early as from highschool!

2. But they are still challenged by research fundamentals and skills

Falcon Academy of Sciences will prepare students for research by training them up with relevant skill sets and subsequent testing via short assignments. We believe in improving rather than ranting.

3. Affordability is the key barrier to discover wonders

We often fail to live by heavy dreams owing to the involvement of finances. However, Falcon promises to change the scenario for research from now on.. We have been able to secure ample fundings and are looking for more- these all to make research affordable for you to access. We want to hone your interest first in research, and not get bogged down by financial hurdles. The usual price of a summer research program varies from 1,500-7,500 USD, whereas, we are bringing it all to you within 3499 BDT. And that’s not it! If that amount is still a badger, you are welcome to apply for our financial aid by submitting verified financial documents.

4. Researchers are rarely idolized

We all once dreamt of becoming Einstein - a story from a very distant past. Remember what else we dreamt with that? Chocolate seller- Yes, that’s how early it is. As we grew, we were hardly introduced to our own country’s Einsteins: all those Bangladeshi pioneers and researchers who revolutionized sectors of science. Falcon aims to turn the tide.


Program Flowchart


In this first part of research program, students learn fundamental skills and knowledge about research. They also complete related software, brainstorming, and literature review training here.


Here students come to know in detail about the resources of their chosen subjects in FAS, complete more subject specific software training, spot their theoretical lacking, finalize their research idea.


Here students sit one-to-one with their peers and mentors, creates their project proposal, finalize their research, and complete it using external or internal resources. This is the longest and difficult-most part.


In this final stage, student learns about paper writing, journal selection, paper submission, formatting, and many more. They also start attending conferences and competition before this process starts. SRP ends with a farewell ceremony.



1. Publication in popular and impactful journals

2. Amazing opportunities for original research

3. Opportunities to attend international academic and research conferences

4. Personal Mentorship from experienced researchers

5. Access to Falcon's resources

6. Remote laboratory access

7. Amazing Cohort

8. Mentoring Center


Abul Basher Memorial Scholarship

A need-based scholarship where we will be providing which can cover from 5% to 100% expense to researchers from outside of Dhaka

Women in Science Scholarship

Fifty percent of our female researchers will qualify for need-based scholarships ranging from 10% to 50%.

Partnership Scholarships

Participants affiliated with our partner organizations, schools, colleges, and universities will be eligible for a limited amount of fully-funded scholarships and need-based waivers

Falcon Event Prizes

The prize winners of the events sponsored by the Falcon Academy of Sciences will qualify for both fully funded scholarships and need-based waivers.

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