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Falcon Academy of Sciences

What is FAS?

Falcon Academy of Science is a youth-based research organization that illuminates the light of research on the younger generation. Our primary objective is to make research accessible while being affordable to all. We are a South Asian community comprised of a group of research enthusiasts with experience in relevant subjects, including professors and Ph.D. holders from prestigious universities. Falcon aims to make research attainable to high school students, offer them proper research skills, and assist them in publishing their papers in reputable journals

Falcon Academy of Sciences

Our offerings

Falcon Academy of Sciences aims to train and support highly skilled Bangladeshi researchers by providing STEM enthusiasts with laboratory access, personal mentorship, well planned resources, paper publication assistance, and relevant skill training.


Research Program

Our flagship research program where a student enters with zero idea about research and comes out with more than one publications of his own.

Mini Research Workshops

In these programs, we talk about small aspects of research and try to provide a basic hands-on training.

Research Newsletter

We are currently working on providing you with a free weekly newsletter system which will keep you updated with the recent discoveries along with the papers and their comprehensible summaries.


We are on our way to bring forth a Winter Research Program (WRP), similar to SRP, to run a wholesome research support system twice a year.


Research Ideas


Sessions & Discussions


Research Interns


BDT given as Scholarship

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